Ballroom Dance Club Membership

The Ballroom Dance Club is a non-profit membership organization.  Your membership supports the great history of big band ballroom dances in our area. Your annual membership includes entry into all of the monthly dances September through  August of each year.  In January of each year pro-rated memberships are available for the remainder of the dances through August.
2017 - 2018 Membership Dues

Pro-rated dues beginning January 1, 2018
Membership rates per person
                             January   $90                 February   $80
                             March      $70                 April           $60

Memberhip includes entry into all dances
through August 2018
Print the registration form and
bring to the next dance
or mail with payment to:

Ballroom Dance Club
1608 N Oak Ridge Pl
Sioux Falls, SD  57110

Makes checks payable to : The Ballroom Dance Club
Check the Math, Membership Pays!

Think about it, dance is a lot like math.  From counting the beat, to the geometric shapes of our footwork, to the rhythm of the steps we dance, it is about math.  It is the same with our membership dues.  If you do the math, our membership is a great value.  Of course, the fun we have dancing is a bonus!

The Ballroom Dance Club is now accepting memberships for our new dance year.  As a member you gain entry to all 12 dances for the coming year, September 2017 through August 2018.  This is a significant savings over paying at the door.
Do the math then Join the Club, Join the Fun!